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    • Obfuscation procedure based in dead code insertion into crypter 

      Barría C., Cordero D., Cubillos C.; Osses, Robienson [Universidad Mayor, Chile] (IEEE, 2016)
      The threat that attacks cyberspace is known as malware. In order to infect the technologic devices that are attacked, malware needs to evade the different antivirus systems. To avoid detection, an obfuscation technique ...
    • Obfuscation procedure based on the insertion of the dead code in the crypter by binary search 

      Cordero D., Cubillos C., Cid H.A.; Barría Huidobro, Cristian [Universidad Mayor, Chile]; Casado Barragán, Claudio [Universidad Mayor, Chile] (IEEE, 2018)
      What threatens the cyberspace is known as malware, which in order to infect the technological devices, it has to be capable of bypassing the antivirus motor. To avoid the antivirus detection, the malicious code requires ...
    • Objective structured clinical evaluation to assess clinical skills of international medical graduates 

      Morales, Claudia [Univ Mayor, Escuela Med, Fac Ciencias, Santiago, Chile]; Guiraldes, Ernesto [Univ Mayor, Escuela Med, Fac Ciencias, Santiago, Chile]; Alvarez, Natalia [Univ Mayor, Escuela Med, Santiago, Chile]; Candia, Paula [Univ Mayor, Escuela Med, Santiago, Chile]; Daniel, Katherine [Univ Mayor, Ctr Simulac Clin, Santiago, Chile]; Lombardic, Nebenka [Univ Mayor, Ctr Simulac Clin, Santiago, Chile]; Celedón, Felipe; Meyer, Lital (SOC MEDICA SANTIAGO, 2018)
      Background: Our institution adopted the Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) format to assess clinical skills of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) aiming to practice in Chile. The OSCE has clear advantages ...
    • Objetivos moleculares para diseñar nuevos fármacos para el tratamiento de la diabetes tipo 2 y la obesidad 

      Montero, Julio C [Argentina.Universidad Nacl Buenos Aires]; Saavedra-Gajardo, Víctor [Chile. Universidad Mayor]; Cerda-Flores, Ricardo [México. Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social] (CIENCIAS, 2008)
      Current strategies to treat type 2 diabetes (DMT2) include reducing insulin resistance using glitazones, supplementing with exogenous insulin, increasing endogenous insulin production with sulfonylureas and meglitinides, ...
    • Occupational walking and bicycling, in leisure time and as a means of transportation of adults according to age 

      Matsudo, Sandra [Univ Mayor, Clin MEDS, Fac Ciencias, Santiago, Chile]; Lima, Josivaldo [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Santiago, Chile]; Araujo, Timoteo (HUMAN KINETICS PUBL INC, 2018)
    • Occurrence and diversity of Campylobacter species in captive chelonians 

      Iraola, Gregorio [Univ Mayor, Ctr Integrat Biol, Santiago, Chile]; De Luca, Carlotta; Apostolakos, Ilias; Boetto, Elena; Piccirillo, Alessandra (ELSEVIER, 2020)
      The aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence and diversity of Campylobacter species in chelonians. From July 2016 to September 2017, a total of 452 individuals from a large variety of tortoises (n = 366) and ...
    • Occurrence and Genetic Diversity of Bartonella spp. (Rhizobiales: Bartonellaceae) and Rickettsia spp. (Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae) in Cat Fleas (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) From Chile 

      Bittencourt, Pedro [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Escuela Med Vet, Temuco, Chile]; Mueller, Ananda; Rodríguez, Elsa; Walker, Romina; Pérez-Macchi, Sandra; Ricardo Goncalves, Luiz; Zacarias Machado, Rosangela; Rogerio Andre, Marcos (OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, 2018)
      The aim of this study was to perform a molecular survey and determine the genetic diversity of Bartonella spp. (Rhizobiales: Bartonellaceae) and Rickettsia spp. (Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae) in cat fleas (Siphonaptera: ...
    • Occurrence, prevalence and viral load of deformed wing virus variants in Apis mellifera colonies in Chile 

      Aldea, Patricia [Univ Mayor, Fac Sci, Ctr Bee Res, CEAPIMAYOR, Santiago, Chile]; Riveros, Gustavo; Arismendi, Nolberto; Zapata, Nelson; Evans, David; Pérez, Ivonne; Vargas, Marisol (TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 2020)
      Deformed wing virus (DWV) is one of the most common viruses in apiaries worldwide, and its presence in Chilean apiaries is no exception. There are three well-defined master variants described as DWV-A, DWV-B (or VDV-1) and ...
    • Ocurrence and Removal of Copper and Aluminum in a Stream Confluence Affected by Acid Mine Drainage 

      Rodríguez, Carolina [Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Departamento de Ingeniería Hidráulica y Ambiental]; Leiva Aravena, Enzo [Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Departamento de Ingeniería Hidráulica y Ambiental]; Leiva, Eduardo [Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Facultad de Química]; Serrano, Jennyfer [Chile. Universidad Mayor. Escuela de Biotecnología] (Facultad de Ciencias, 2018)
      Acid mine drainage (AMD) is an environmental concern characterized by low pH and high concentrations of dissolved metals and sulfate. Yerba Loca Creek in Santiago, Chile, is an AMD-affected water stream that originates in ...
    • Old-growth Index: a tool to evaluate developmental stages in native forests in the lowlands of south-central Chile 

      Salas-Eljatib, Christian [Univ Mayor, Ctr Modelac & Monitoreo Ecosistemas, Santiago, Chile]; Ponce, Diego B.; Donoso, Pablo J. (UNIV AUSTRAL CHILE, FAC CIENCIAS FORESTALES, 2019)
      In the lowlands of south-central Chile, old-growth forests are scarce, whereas secondary forests are more frequent. The ecosystem services provided by these secondary forests differ from those associated with old-growth ...
    • Older adults’ accounts of the relationships between retirement timing and health: a descriptive qualitative analysis in Chile 

      Shura, Robin; Opazo, Sebastián [Chile. Universidad Mayor. Facultad de Humanidades. Centro de Investigación en Sociedad y Salud]; Calvo, Esteban [Chile. Universidad Mayor. Facultad de Humanidades. Centro de Investigación en Sociedad y Salud]; Opazo, Sebastián [Chile. Universidad Mayor. Facultad de Humanidades. Laboratorio eb Envejecimiento y Epidemiología Social] (Cambridge University Press, 2020-10-23)
      Retirement timing can have important health implications. Little is known, however, about older adults’ views on this issue and whether they consider it better to retire later, earlier, on time or anytime. This knowledge ...
    • Oligomeric poly(ether-imide)s bearing ortho trifluoromethyl groups: Solubility, thermal studies, and optical properties 

      Coll, Deysma [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Nucleo Quim & Bioquim, Santiago, Chile]; Ortíz, Pablo A. [Univ Mayor, Nucleo Quim & Bioquim, Fac Estudios Interdisciplinarios, Santiago, Chile]; Jessop, Ignacio A.; Hernán Tagle, Luis; Pérez, German; Terraza, Claudio A.; Tundidor-Camba, Alain (WILEY, 2018)
      In the development of processable high-temperature materials, six new aromatic poly(imide)s based on diamines containing ortho trifluoromethyl groups, ether linkages and R,R-methylenes moieties (R=Me or Ph) and previously ...
    • On sign-changeable interaction in FLRW cosmology 

      Arevalo, Fabiola [Univ Mayor, Nucleo Matemat Fis & Estadist, Fac Estudios Interdisciplinarios]; Cid, Antonella; Chimento, Luis P.; Mella, Patricio (SPRINGER, 2019)
      We investigate an interacting two-fluid model in a spatially flat Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) Universe, when the energy transfer between these two dark components is produced by a factorizable nonlinear ...
    • On the developmental self-regulatory dynamics and evolution of individuated multicellular organisms 

      Veloso, Felipe A. [Centro de Genómica y Bioinformatica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Mayor, Chile] (Academic Press Inc., 2017)
      Changes in gene expression are thought to regulate the cell differentiation process intrinsically through complex epigenetic mechanisms. In fundamental terms, however, this assumed regulation refers only to the intricate ...
    • On the proportional abundance of species: Integrating population genetics and community ecology 

      Marquet P.A., Espinoza G., Ganz A., Rebolledo R.; Abades, Sebastián R. [Centro de Genómica, Ecología y Medio Ambiente, GEMA, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Mayor, Chile] (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
      The frequency of genes in interconnected populations and of species in interconnected communities are affected by similar processes, such as birth, death and immigration. The equilibrium distribution of gene frequencies ...
    • One in five deaths are associated with an unhealthy diet worldwide: what is the current scenario in Chile? 

      Celis-Morales, Carlos [Univ Mayor, CIFE, Santiago, Chile]; Adela Martínez-Sanguinetti, Maria; María Leiva, Ana; Petermann-Rocha, Fanny; Villagrán, Marcelo; Troncoso-Pantoja, Claudia (SOC CHILENA NUTRICION, BROMATOLOGIA & TOXICOLOGIA, 2019)
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    • One-class land-cover classification using MaxEnt: the effect of modelling parameterization on classification accuracy 

      Morales, Narkis S. [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Ctr Modelac & Monitoreo Ecosistemas, Santiago, Chile]; Fernández, Ignacio C. [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Ctr Modelac & Monitoreo Ecosistemas, Santiago, Chile] (PEERJ INC, 2019)
      Multiple-class land-cover classification approaches can be inefficient when the main goal is to classify only one or a few classes. Under this scenario one-class classification algorithms could be a more efficient alternative. ...
    • One-step coelectrodeposition-assisted layer-by-layer assembly of gold nanoparticles and reduced graphene oxide and its self-healing three-dimensional nanohybrid for an ultrasensitive DNA sensor 

      Camarada, María Belén [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Ctr Nanotecnol Aplicada]; Jayakumar, Kumarasamy; Dharuman, Venkataraman; Ju, Huangxian; Dey, Ramendra Sundar; Wen, Yangping (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2018-01-21)
      A layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly was employed for preparing multilayer thin films with a controlled architecture and composition. In this study, we report the one-step coelectrodeposition-assisted LBL assembly of both gold ...
    • Onset and maximum values of electromyographic amplitude during prone hip extension after neurodynamic technique in patients with lumbosciatic pain: A pilot study 

      Horment-Lara, Giselle [Universidad de Chile. Facultad de Medicina]; Cruz-Montecinos, Carlos [Universidad de Chile. Facultad de Medicina]; Núñez-Cortés, Rodrigo [Universidad de Chile. Facultad de Medicina]; Letelier-Horta, Pablo [Universidad de Chile. Facultad de Medicina]; Henriquez-Fuentes, Luis [Chile. Universidad Mayor. Escuela de Kinesiología] (Facultad de Ciencias, 2016)
      OBJECTIVE: The mechanisms underlying the effects of neurodynamic techniques are still unknown. Therefore, the aim of this study was to provide a starting point for future research on explaining why neurodynamic techniques ...
    • Onychomycosis in So Paulo, Brazil 

      Nunes, Fabiane G [Brasil. Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP)]; Tomimori-Yamashita, Jane [Brasil. Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo]; Urrutia, Milton [Universidad Austral de Chile]; Zaror, Luis [Universidad Austral de Chile,Valdivia]; Silva, Víctor [Chile. Universidad Mayor] (CIENCIAS, 2009)
      Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nails with broad aetiological scope, and it represents 18-40% of all onychopathies and 39% of all superficial mycotic infections. From July 1996 to December 1999, samples of nails ...