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    • Spectral intensities in trivalent lanthanide systems: Applications to the Cs2NaDyCl6 and Cs2NaHoCl6 crystals 

      Acevedo, Roberto [Universidad Mayor. Facultad de Ingeniería]; Soto-Bubert, Andrés [Universidad Diego Portales. Instituto de Ciencias Básicas. Facultad de Ingeniería]; Bosch, Paul [Polonia. Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences]; (4) Strek, Wieslaw (, 2008-08-11)
      The main goal of this research work is to rationalize the rich vibronic structure of lanthanide type crystals, such as Cs2NaDyCl6 and Cs2NaHoCl6, in the space group Fm3m(Oh5). These systems are known to be highly relativistic ...