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    • The relationship between alcohol and cannabis use with nonsuicidal self-injury among adolescent inpatients: Examining the 90 days prior to psychiatric hospitalization 

      Sellers, Christina M.; Díaz-Valdés, Antonia [Chile. Universidad Mayor. Facultad de Humanidades. Centro de Investigación en Sociedad y Salud]; Oliver, Michelle M.; Simon, Kevin M.; O'Brien, Kimberly H. McManama (Elsevier Ltd., 2021-03)
      Background: This study examined the trajectories of alcohol use, cannabis use, suicide planning (SP), and non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) prior to hospitalization and examined the role of alcohol and cannabis use, independently ...
    • Reducing police occupational needle stick injury risk following an interactive training: the SHIELD cohort study in Mexico 

      Beletsky, Leo; Abramovitz, Daniela; Baker, Pieter; Arredondo, Jaime; Rangel, Gudelia; Artamonova, Irina; Marotta, Phillip; Mittal, Maria Luisa; Morales, Mario; Clairgue, Erika; Kang, Sunyou; Banuelos, Arnulfo; Cepeda, Javier; Patterson, Thomas A.; Strathdee, Steffanie A.; Rocha-Jimenez, Teresita [Univ Mayor, Fac Humanidades, Soc & Hlth Res Ctr, Chile] (MDPI, 2021-05-14)
      Objective At a time of unprecedented attention to the public health impact of policing, it is imperative to understand the role of occupational safety in shaping officer behaviours. We assessed the longitudinal impact of ...
    • Coalition incentives and party bias in Chile 

      Aleman, Eduardo; Calvo, Ernesto; Cabezas, Jose M. [Univ Mayor, Hlth & Soc Res Ctr, Chile] (ELSEVIER SCI LTD, 2021-08-01)
      This article revisits the debate over Chile's binomial electoral rules and its consequences and examines how the new electoral system conceived by a democratic congress altered political competition. It utilizes a seat-vote ...
    • Municipal police support for harm reduction services in officer-led referrals of people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico 

      Baker, Piete; Arredondo, Jaime; Borquez, Annick; Clairgue, Erika; Mittal, Maria L.; Morales, Mario; Garfein, Richard; Oren, Eyal; Pitpitan, Eileen; Strathdee, Steffanie A.; Beletsky, Leo; Cepeda, Javier A.; Rocha-Jimenez, Teresita [Univ Mayor, Fac Humanidades, Soc & Hlth Res Ctr, Santiago, Chile] (BMC, 2021-08-01)
      Background Police constitute a structural determinant of health and HIV risk of people who inject drugs (PWID), and negative encounters with law enforcement present significant barriers to PWID access to harm reduction ...
    • Suicidal ideation and attempts following nonmedical use of prescription opioids and related disorder 

      Santaella-Tenorio, Julián; Martins, Silvia S.; Cerda, Magdalena; Olfson, Mark; Keyes, Katherine M. [Univ Mayor, Ctr Res Soc & Hlth, Chile] (Chile. Universidad Mayor, 2022-01)
      Background Since 1999, the rate of fatal prescription opioid overdoses and of suicides has dramatically increased in the USA. These increases, which have occurred among similar demographic groups, have led to the hypothesis ...

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