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    • The resolution-dependent role of landscape attributes in shaping macro-scale biodiversity patterns 

      Abades, Sabastián [Univ Mayor, Fac Sci, GEMA Ctr Gen Ecol & Environm, Huechuraba, Chile]; Qiu, Yanning; Teng, Shuqing N.; Zhang, Yong; Santana, Joana; Svenning, Jens-Christian; Reino, Luis; Ma, Haozhi; Yang, Luojun; Wu, Yiqian; Huang, Zheng Y. X.; Xu, Chi (WILEY, 2019)
      Aim The aim was to assess whether and to what extent the role of local landscape attributes in shaping macroscopic biodiversity patterns is sensitive to spatial and thematic resolutions of land cover data. Location Sub-Saharan ...