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    • Highly masculinized and younger males attain higher reproductive success in a social rodent 

      Correa, Loreto A. [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Escuela Med Vet, Nucleo Interdisciplinario, Camino Piramide 5750, Santiago, Chile]; Leon, Cecilia; Ramírez-Estrada, Juan; Ly-Prieto, Alvaro; Abades, Sebastián; Hayes, Loren D.; Soto-Gamboa, Mauricio; Ebensperger, Luis A. (OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, 2018)
      Alternative morphotypes have been reported in males of different taxa. In some mammals, highly masculinized and slightly masculinized males represent 2 opposite ends along a gradient of phenotypic variation in males. This ...
    • Male group members are costly to plurally breeding Octodon degus females 

      Correa, Loreto A. [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Escuela Med Vet]; Hayes, Loren D.; Abades, Sebastián; Gao, Cuilan L.; Ebensperger, Luis A. (BRILL ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS, 2019)
      We report the results of a 6-year study of social (number of adult males/females, relatedness of females, communal litter size) and ecological (mean/CV of food abundance, soil hardness, burrow openings) factors influencing ...