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    • Climate signals in tree rings of Paubrasilia echinata (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioidea) from the Atlantic Forest of Brazil 

      Roig Junent, Fidel [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Hemera Ctr Observac Tierra, Santiago, Chile]; Macedo, Tahysa Mota; Barros, Claudia Franca; de Lima, Haroldo Cavalcante; das Neves Brandes, Arno Fritz; da Costa, Warlen Silva; Costa, Cecilia Goncalves (SPRINGER HEIDELBERG, 2020)
      Key message Tree-ring chronologies were built for wild and cultivated Paubrasilia echinata, a presently endangered species. Significantly P. echinata showed measurably different growth patterns related to the environment ...