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    • Comparative genomics identifies potential virulence factors in Clostridium tertium and C. paraputrificum 

      Iraola, Gregorio [Univ Mayor, Ctr Integrat Biol, Santiago, Chile]; Muñoz, Marina; Restrepo-Montoya, Daniel; Kumar, Nitin; Herrera, Giovanny; Rios-Chaparro, Dora I.; Díaz-Arevalo, Diana; Patarroyo, Manuel A.; Lawley, Trevor D.; David Ramírez, Juan (TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC, 2019)
      Some well-known Clostridiales species such as Clostridium difficile and C. perfringens are agents of high impact diseases worldwide. Nevertheless, other foreseen Clostridiales species have recently emerged such as Clostridium ...
    • Polyclonal Campylobacter fetus Infections Among Unrelated Patients, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2013-2018 

      Iraola, Gregorio [Univ Mayor, Ctr Integrat Biol, Santiago, Chile]; Costa, Daniela; Betancor, Laura; Gadea, Pilar; Cabezas, Laura; Caiata, Leticia; Palacio, Rosario; Seija, Veronica; Galiana, Antonio; Vieytes, Mariela; Cristophersen, Ines; Calleros, Lucia (OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, 2020)
      In Montevideo (2013-2018), 8 Campylobacter fetus extraintestinal infections were reported. The polyclonal nature of strains revealed by whole-genome sequencing and the apparent lack of epidemiological links was incompatible ...