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    • Alimentary necrobacillosis in alpacas 

      Flores, Carlos [Univ Mayor, Santiago, Chile]; Carvallo, Francisco R.; Uzal, Francisco A.; Diab, Santiago S.; Giannitti, Federico; Crossley, Beate; Wuenschmann, Arno (SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC, 2020)
      Ulcers of the oral cavity, esophagus, and gastric compartments of South American camelids are uncommon. Multifocal-to-coalescing ulcers were identified in the oral cavity, esophagus, and/or gastric compartments of 5 alpacas ...
    • Generation of a protocol for the synthesis of chitosan nanoparticles loaded with florfenicol through the ionic gelation method 

      Parodi, Jorge [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias Vicerrectoria Invest & Postgrad, Lab Biol Celular & Mol Aplicada, Temuco, Chile]; Carmona, Erico R.; Plaza, Tania; Recio-Sánchez, Gonzalo (UNIV NACIONAL MAYOR SAN MARCOS, 2018)
      The formation of nanoparticles of chitosan by the ionic gelation method has a high potential for loading, transport and controlled release of molecules. It is a simple method and the nanoparticles have good absorption, ...
    • Safety and serological response to multivalent canine distemper virus vaccine in red foxes (vulpes vulpes) 

      Ortiz-Tacchi, Carolina [Univ Mayor, Escuela Med Vet]; Mathieu-Benson, Christian [Univ Mayor, Escuela Med Vet]; Hidalgo-Hermoso, Ezequiel; Celis-Diez, Sebastián; Soto-Guerrero, Pilar; Carmona-Schmidt, Soledad; Cabello-Stom, Javier (AMER ASSOC ZOO VETERINARIANS, 2019)
      Canine distemper virus (CDV) vaccination using commercial vaccines has been recommended as a useful preventive tool in zoological collections worldwide for the past 30 yr. Zoological facilities have not conducted studies ...