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    • Water Crisis in Petorca Basin, Chile: The Combined Effects of a Mega-Drought and Water Management 

      Muñoz, Ariel A.; Klock-Barria, Karin; Alvarez-Garretón, Camila; Aguilera-Betti, Isabella; Lastra, José A.; Chávez, Roberto O.; Barria, Pilar; Duncan, Christie; Rojas-Badilla, Moisés; LeQuesne, Carlos; González-Reyes, Alvaro [Univ Mayor, Fac Ciencias, Hemera Ctr Observac Tierra, Escuela Ingn Forestal, Chile] (Chile. Universidad Mayor, 2020)
      Since 2010, Chile has experienced one of the most severe droughts over the last century, the so-called mega-drought (MD). The MD conditions, combined with intensive agricultural activities and the current water management ...
    • Weakening of the Summer Monsoon Over the Past 150 Years Shown by a Tree-Ring Record From Shandong, Eastern China, and the Potential Role of North Atlantic Climate 

      Chen, Qiaomei; Zhang, Xiaojian; Chen, Feng; Zhang, Heli; Yuan, Yujiang; Yu, Shulong; Hadad, Martin A.; Roig, FA [Univ Mayor, Escuela Ingn Forestal, Fac Ciencias, Hemera Ctr Observac Tierra, Huechuraba, Chile] (AMER GEOPHYSICAL UNION, 2023-03)
      The causes of the decreased intensity of the East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) over the past 150 years are still not fully understood, although several studies have linked the monsoon weakening to the warming of tropical ...

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